Scanned documents and faxes are attached directly to patient charts and organized in an easy to use folder tree structure where they are available for viewing or signing at click of a button. Users can also add any number of their own folders to the tree. This is a very useful feature for specialty clinics where specialized reports or images need to be stored separately. A surgeon specializing in breast cancer, for instance, may want folders for biopsy results, surgical procedures, mammograms, and other topics related to that specialty. A cardiologist, on the other hand, might want folders for echocardiograms, ECGs, Holters, stress tests, catheterizations, hospitalizations, etc. A pulmonologist may desire a separate folder for storing sleep lab reports while family doctors need other, often more generalized, categories.

All categories are not available in all EMR systems and so important for those seeking an EMR is the ability to create folders/categories for storing scans and reports. These will be immensely useful later when rushed between patients and searching an electronic chart for some item. These categories are also useful in filing paper reports and faxes coming into your office. UniCharts EMR allows user-defined folders/categories and support many different file formats including GIF, JPG, TIF and PDF.


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