A good majority of small practices outsource their billing which they find much more convenient and efficient. These practices send batches of bills to their billing company or clearing house at regular intervals to have the claims filed on their behalf. And depending on the requirements, they may upload the billing information online or have a person come and collect it from their offices. To augment this workflow, UniCharts EMR has an entire section dedicated to generation and tracking of charge tickets. Whenever an encounter is signed, a charge ticket is automatically generated and sent to this billing section. These tickets may be processed further by your in-house billing personnel, such as applying TOS, POS, modifiers and charges etc, and then exported out of the system for sending it to the billing company or clearing house. In case there is no in-house biller, the billing information may be exported directly and then sent to the target company to let their experts do the rest. In order to cover most billing companies and clearing houses, UniCharts EMR allows the billing information to be exported as a batch of either as human-readable superbills, machine-readable CSV text files or machine-readable PIF text files. Just a click of a button in customization area is enough to change to mode of export as needed.

This also implies that if you utilize services of a billing company or clearing house, UniCharts EMR may be the only software needed by you to run the practice effectively. There should be no need for additional PMS software as patient scheduling is integrated with our system.


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